Hunter Family

What an incredible family the Hunters are! Being told they couldn’t have children, dad and mom adopted five children and have (and are) raising them in the church to know Jesus. Years later, they have a miracle bundle of joy and now that little girl is two years old. They’ve been through hard times, endured heartache, and have experienced the joy (and sometimes difficulty) of having children. So much energy, so much excitement, and so much love in their family. It’s fun to take pictures of animated children, and little Miss A definitely is! It was a pleasure to get to know them during the photo shoot!



Israel & Cate {Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I love engaged couples. It’s so fun to watch them interact with each other! This couple is no different. Enjoying each other and freezing their bodies the whole time! He is from a MUCH warmer climate so he’s not as used to it as we were, but yet he didn’t seem to mind too much. Great sports for such a cold day! Thanks, Israel & Cate!