Little M {Minnesota Baby Photographer}

I’ve gotten to know this little girl’s family well in the last few years. The plan was to have me in hospital when little M was born, but with the flu going around, the hospital had a crack down on visitors and those who were allowed in the room during delivery. Since I’m not immediate family, I wasn’t allowed. I was so bummed! But I went over to their house ASAP when they got home! Little M is such a sweet heart. I look forward to watching her grow up!


Herzog Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

I absolutely love this family. Pastor Patrick has been a pastor at my church since I was born, and became the senior pastor some years back. I first got to know him as my youth pastor, and have had the privilege to grow as a Christian and as a leader under his leadership. Outside my family, he has been the most influential person in my life and I’m so grateful for his passion for Jesus Christ. Not only does he tell those in his church the truth of the Word of God, but he lives it out in his own life, and his wife and children show it. Those who truly know him trust him and have benefited from his God-given wisdom. What a legacy that this family is already leaving. I’m so blessed to have them in my life!

Sonmor Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

This family holds a special place in my heart, even though I really only know a few of them. I met Cyndal a few years back and since then she has been such an encouragement to me. It’s so refreshing to see a young lady who loves the Lord and shows it by the way she lives. She babysits my daughter (almost) every week, and I don’t think I could trust anyone more than I do her. I’ve gotten to know her mom a little in the last few weeks/months and my husband knows her dad and one of her brothers from church softball. I’ve been hearing her talk about her siblings, grandpa, and nephews for so long and I finally got to meet them all! What a privilege and what a great family!

Nord Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

We were able to squeeze this photo shoot in before all the beautiful leaves fell, but they asked that I keep their pictures a secret until they chose a picture for their Christmas card. They tell me that they had a hard time deciding which picture to use and I don’t blame them! They were a great bunch of people to work with and it is so fun to be able to photograph family friends. I’m glad they finally made up their minds with the picture because I’ve been wanting to show them off! So here is the Nord family. Enjoy!


Jensen Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

These people are probably the funniest people I know! And they are so dear to my heart as I see their love for each other and for their Savior. The photo session was filled with funny faces, witty remarks, fake and belly laughs, and great people! What a great idea of Stephanie’s to give the photo session as an early Christmas gift to her parents. I love it! 🙂

Bruneau Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

Parents that love each other and two little girls that are absolutely adorable… It was so great to photograph this family! Having fun in the leaves was WAY too fun and cute! And the girls were gracious enough to do me a favor and model some of the tutus and hats that I have available to use in photo shoots as well (a big thanks to The Little Things for those!!). I’ll get some pictures up of their cute modeling faces soon! For now, here are the family pictures! Enjoy!