Lisa & Family 2012

Lisa became my aunt about 3 years ago when I married into the Preston family. She’s been through a lot and to top it off, just recently her oldest had a stroke at 20 years old. Through many many prayers and trusting Jesus to heal him, he was able to be discharged from the hospital just days afterward with nearly zero effects from it. Praise God! These pictures are mere days after it happened and what a testimony he has! It was really an honor to be able to photograph this family during such a dramatic time in life. I am so grateful for the healing power of our Savior!



Synstelien Family 2012

I’ve never met parents so in love. They’ve been through a lot through their lifetime, but their marriage is still getting better and better. And all of their kids can attest to it! I had the privilege to photograph the wedding of one of their sons last year, and I grew up with the oldest two of the family, so I’ve gotten to watch this family grow and grow up. With nine kids (yes, I just said NINE), multiple personality types, and lots of poking, laughing, and teasing, this was a BLAST of a photo shoot! So fun to see an immediate family interact like that. The oldest daughter I’ve gotten to know in the last 3 or 4 years, and I so respect and just adore her. What can I say…? I just love this family!


Richter Family 2012

Last year I was able to photograph this family for the first time. What a sweet family they are. Mommy Richter is a friend of mine, and I so admire who she is and how she lives. She’s always been one who has inspired me to get into the Word of God and believe it. Believe that God is who He says He is. Believe who God has made me. Believe that God can do what He says He can. She has challenged me through our small group at church and through her testimony which can be found here. Be ready to be inspired! Here is their great family!


Enderson Family

I love this family. I first met the oldest daughter (not pictured) when I was in gymnastics MANY years ago. Years went by and I started coaching with the FFGA and got to know the rest of the girls. Amazing how paths cross so many times in one lifetime. Getting to know the family has been so much fun. They are all spunky and awesome to be around. Lovable and sassy. Haha! I just love them. As the older two are heading to college, they are all entering a new season of life and it was such an honor to photograph them in their last few days all under one roof.


And if they ever move… I hope they sell my family their house and land. 😀

Hunter Family

What an incredible family the Hunters are! Being told they couldn’t have children, dad and mom adopted five children and have (and are) raising them in the church to know Jesus. Years later, they have a miracle bundle of joy and now that little girl is two years old. They’ve been through hard times, endured heartache, and have experienced the joy (and sometimes difficulty) of having children. So much energy, so much excitement, and so much love in their family. It’s fun to take pictures of animated children, and little Miss A definitely is! It was a pleasure to get to know them during the photo shoot!


Permann Family

Even though I’m technically done with Reflection Media, I will still have some shoots within the next few months. This was my first one since I’ve been done…

This family in particular is very special to me. Their oldest is my age, so we grew up in church together. I’ve never met anyone so beautiful. She shows Christ’s love for people better than anyone I know, and her face reflects Him. I so admire her and am inspired by her. In fact, the whole Permann family is the same way. They accept and love every person they come in contact with, and they enjoy doing it! It is who they are, and it’s incredible. I’ve been grateful for every moment spent with this family, and the photo shoot was no exception. What a fun group of people! They kept saying how blessed they were that I could take their pictures, but I think the honor is really on my end. My family and I just adore you guys.


Herzog Family {Minnesota Family Photographer}

I absolutely love this family. Pastor Patrick has been a pastor at my church since I was born, and became the senior pastor some years back. I first got to know him as my youth pastor, and have had the privilege to grow as a Christian and as a leader under his leadership. Outside my family, he has been the most influential person in my life and I’m so grateful for his passion for Jesus Christ. Not only does he tell those in his church the truth of the Word of God, but he lives it out in his own life, and his wife and children show it. Those who truly know him trust him and have benefited from his God-given wisdom. What a legacy that this family is already leaving. I’m so blessed to have them in my life!