Israel & Cate {Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I love engaged couples. It’s so fun to watch them interact with each other! This couple is no different. Enjoying each other and freezing their bodies the whole time! He is from a MUCH warmer climate so he’s not as used to it as we were, but yet he didn’t seem to mind too much. Great sports for such a cold day! Thanks, Israel & Cate!




Israel & Catherine {Minnesota Wedding Photographer}

I have a good friend named Catherine. We’ve gone through Master’s Commission together, been housemates, apartment-neighbors, and now discipleship companions. She has challenged me and encouraged me so much over the years, and once upon a time ago, she met and fell in love with a man named Israel. After a long distance relationship, he made his way up to Minnesota (a couple of times now… but I’m referring to the most recent) to propose to the woman he loves.

Today I got one of the biggest honors of my life. Getting engaged is such a special moment, and I got to capture it for my good friend. How awesome is that?! Congratulations, you guys! I look forward to the engagement session in the next few days!