Baby Kaden

I couldn’t help myself today. I got to babysit our neighbor’s little boy and it was SUCH a treat! He is so cute and absolutely precious. I couldn’t help but pull out all of my cute hats (thanks to The Little Things!) and the baby stuff that I haven’t used in forever because my daughter is too old. He was a perfect little model! No crying, no fussing. Just perfect. Here’s what I got:


Isn’t he just sweet! I sure like him. Thanks for the opportunity to watch your little one, Ashley and Vinny!


Little M {Minnesota Baby Photographer}

I’ve gotten to know this little girl’s family well in the last few years. The plan was to have me in hospital when little M was born, but with the flu going around, the hospital had a crack down on visitors and those who were allowed in the room during delivery. Since I’m not immediate family, I wasn’t allowed. I was so bummed! But I went over to their house ASAP when they got home! Little M is such a sweet heart. I look forward to watching her grow up!

Little M {Minnesota Children Photographer}

This baby boy is one of the strongest I’ve ever seen! At only ten days old, he holds up his head (for a short amount of time of course), and does things that he shouldn’t be doing at his age. It’ll be fun to watch him grow up, that’s for sure! After being awake for most of the session, mama finally got him to sleep and we got the rest of the shots. He is so precious!

India Turns One! {Minnesota Baby Videographer}

If you want to see a little girl with spunk & joy, and who knows exactly what she wants, this little girl is all that and more! She can make your heart melt with her sweet hugs and laugh hysterically at her little quirks! You can tell already that this girl was made for greatness, and she’s only ONE year old! Reflection had the privilege of being a part of her first birthday party. Her mama did a fabulous job at creating an atmosphere for fun in the sun, and every detail was thought of. From names on the jar glasses to all-about-sunshine music in the background. Way to go, Gen! What a fun day this was!

I Turns One! from Reflection Media on Vimeo.