Senior Photos: Sam

I know Sam’s aunt and her family more than I know him, but it was truly a privilege meeting him and taking his senior pictures. This young man is hard-working, he loves his family, and he loves the Lord. It’s so cool to see people in younger generations follow Jesus, and this young man does. Haha, what more does a person need?




Lisa & Family 2012

Lisa became my aunt about 3 years ago when I married into the Preston family. She’s been through a lot and to top it off, just recently her oldest had a stroke at 20 years old. Through many many prayers and trusting Jesus to heal him, he was able to be discharged from the hospital just days afterward with nearly zero effects from it. Praise God! These pictures are mere days after it happened and what a testimony he has! It was really an honor to be able to photograph this family during such a dramatic time in life. I am so grateful for the healing power of our Savior!


Synstelien Family 2012

I’ve never met parents so in love. They’ve been through a lot through their lifetime, but their marriage is still getting better and better. And all of their kids can attest to it! I had the privilege to photograph the wedding of one of their sons last year, and I grew up with the oldest two of the family, so I’ve gotten to watch this family grow and grow up. With nine kids (yes, I just said NINE), multiple personality types, and lots of poking, laughing, and teasing, this was a BLAST of a photo shoot! So fun to see an immediate family interact like that. The oldest daughter I’ve gotten to know in the last 3 or 4 years, and I so respect and just adore her. What can I say…? I just love this family!


Richter Family 2012

Last year I was able to photograph this family for the first time. What a sweet family they are. Mommy Richter is a friend of mine, and I so admire who she is and how she lives. She’s always been one who has inspired me to get into the Word of God and believe it. Believe that God is who He says He is. Believe who God has made me. Believe that God can do what He says He can. She has challenged me through our small group at church and through her testimony which can be found here. Be ready to be inspired! Here is their great family!


Enderson Family

I love this family. I first met the oldest daughter (not pictured) when I was in gymnastics MANY years ago. Years went by and I started coaching with the FFGA and got to know the rest of the girls. Amazing how paths cross so many times in one lifetime. Getting to know the family has been so much fun. They are all spunky and awesome to be around. Lovable and sassy. Haha! I just love them. As the older two are heading to college, they are all entering a new season of life and it was such an honor to photograph them in their last few days all under one roof.


And if they ever move… I hope they sell my family their house and land. 😀

Loren & Amy 2

Once again, I’ve finally been able to sit down and spend some time editing these pictures and it’s been so fun to see them and remember how awesome it was to be a part of Loren & Amy’s day!

Amy’s oldest sister wasn’t able to be there for the day, but they Skyped her in! What a precious moment as emotions ran high and Angie got to see all the details of the hair, dress, shoes, and people!

Loren & Amy

What a crazy fun couple! Amy’s older sister was my best friend through high school & Master’s Commission, so I’ve gotten to watch Amy grow up from just a little girl. Now that she is a young woman, it was such an honor to watch her as a bride and see her marry the man of her dreams. What a sweet couple they are! Crazy. Fun. But sweet. 🙂 Loren, thank you for all the laughs, and Amy, thanks for being such a beautiful subject to photograph! Together you guys are such a blast!